Pendrive size reduced after formatting

Yesterday I made my pen drive bootable to install Linux on my laptop. After installing Linux when I formatted my pen drive, I found that my 32gb pen drive could support only 753mb. So here is the solution to this problem.

Why this happens?
When we format the “pen drive” then only a partition on pen drive get format and we get only the size of that partition as a free space, showed as 753mb in my case(it may be different in your case). So we need to use the diskpart utility to remove the partitions and create 1 single partition for the full volume.

Diskpart is extremely dangerous if you pick wrong disk or partition and performed delete partition then you will lose all your data. So I suggest you to PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION!

10 Steps to recover full volume of your pen drive
1. In windows open up a command prompt as administrator(goto Start menu, in search type cmd and hit enter).
2. Type diskpart and press enter. A new window open up with “DISKPART >”.

3. Type list disk and you get list of all drives on your machine.
4. Type select disk # to select the disk which you want to recover. # is number of disk. In my case # is 1.
5. Type list partition to get list of all partitions on the disk.
6. Type select partition # (# is the number of partition) and Type delete partition. Repeat this step until you delete all the partitions.
7. Now exit diskpart and remove the pen drive. After 1 minute re-insert your pen drive and your system will ask you to
format the pen drive but DO NOT CLICK FORMAT.
8. Now go to DISKPART again, follow step 1 to 4.
9. After selecting the disk, type create partition primary and press enter. This wil create the partition.
10. Now exit diskpart and in cmd type diskmgmt.msc and press enter. This provide a reliable way to create a FAT32 partition. Disk management window opens. Select your pen drive and right click on it and select the format option.
The ‘allocation unit size‘ option should be default and the ‘File System‘ option should be set to FAT32. Let the formatting process complete and its done. You get your pen drive of full volume. 🙂

11 Replies to “Pendrive size reduced after formatting”

  1. Wow….! this is really a very good job dude……same situation happened with my 4gb pen drive and dis information helped me to get back the memory space……or else i might have wasted 300 bucks….
    i hope u will post many like dis…..Al D Best…:)

  2. thanks! this really helps, in other websites people said just discard it and get a new pen drive but you really know how to do things! thanks

  3. Thanx a lot man… I have many mobile sd card size reduced… Works well on pendrive hope to work on sd card too.. Any way thanx again man…

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